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    EJB 3.0 - Statlful Session Beans vs JSF Session

    stephan opitz Newbie


      i developed a application using javaserver faces (jsf) and ejb 3.0.

      primary i used stateless session beans for access to the entity beans.

      as session i declared a managed bean in jsf with an application scope "session" and saved my data in it.

      i thought it is the fastest and easiest way, but in comparing to stateful session beans it is not the only possible solution.

      originally i was the pronounced opinion within the framework, the handling and access is most easy in this way. for example in the view it is very easy to access the declared session and access attributes to decide, wheather some view components would be rendered.

      easy is not the best argument in this context - thats my problem!

      so let us discuss, why ist the one or other method is better
      maybe comparable experiences?