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    JNDI Naming question with EJB3 in JBoss: how to include the

    Dogan Koslu Newbie

      How can I control the JNDI names that JBoss seems to set up to point to my deployed EJB3 session beans.

      For example, I may have a simple EAR project called "test.ear" containing "MyEJB.jar" with the following classes:

      1) file packageName/LocalInterface.java:
      package packageName;
      public interface LocalInterface { ... }

      2) file packageName/SSBImpl.java:
      package packageName;
      public class SSBImpl implements LocalInterface { ... }

      Deploying test.ear in JBoss creates the reference "/test/SSBImpl/local" in the Global JNDI Namespace, which apparently points to the EJB3 proxy object for this bean.

      My question is: how can I force it to deploy using a different JNDI name for this? In particular, I want to include the package name to avoid future naming conflicts, ie, "/test/packageName/SSBImpl/local".