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    How to catch transaction time out exception?

    Avihai Marchiano Novice

      I work with Jboss4.2.
      I have a java client which communicates with the server via stateless bean (facade).

      Those stateless beans operate the business layer...

      I have a case that i get a transaction time out (the operation was 5 minutes) , I didn’t get any exception about it .

      I want to get an exception when timeout occurred catch it and throw my exception to the client.

      Please advice.

      Thank you

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          Thomas Skjølberg Newbie


          I have not tried this looking for timeouts, but try controlling the transactions manually using first


          UserTransaction utx;

          in the following way:

          with exception handling.

          However it is not clear from your mail if you actually need a transaction that last for 5+ minutes, or if it just is a long-lasting call that happends to be inside a transaction?