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    4.2 to 5.0 upgrade: UNRESOLVED Demands 'jboss.ejb:service=EJ

    David Richmond Newbie

      Upgrading to 5.0.0.GA

      Changed EJB annotation package names etc, added xml:ns to persistance.xml

      Now get

      ** UNRESOLVED Demands 'jboss.ejb:service=EJBTimerService' **

      on all deployed .ear files.

      I have found various comments about ejb-jar.xml needing a definition of some sort, but we do not use that file (we use annotations) and the current setup works fine in 4.2.0

      I have found a
      TODO: the ejb deployer must depend on this
      comment in default\deploy\ejb3-timer-service.xml

      TODO: check depends
      comment on Ejb3ClientDeployer in default\deployers\ejb3.deployer\META-INF\ejb3-deployers-jboss-beans.xml

      does this mean something is incomplete in JBoss 5.0.0.GA ?