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    how to map my localhost:8080  url to  www.mysite.com url

      I'm having a serious trouble trying to host a website from a local machine running from home. When in development mode I access the site using
      the url mymachinename:8080/myproject or localhost:8080/myproject
      however my domain name providers are saying they can't redirect the url call mapped to my address like that. the part mymachinename:8080 should be mapped to a www.somthing.com or ip address of my computer.
      Does anyone has experience in such mapping in jboss or knows in general how to do that. I have a domain name its just when I'm forwarding to mycomputer it needs something more solid. If you need more explanation please let me know. I would really appreciate help on this issue as I'm totally stuck. I found an article
      but its not much help to me unless you can explain what I need to do.