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    How to use TaskFormParameter and TaskController?

    Kevin Galligan Newbie

      I'm a little lost. Your code should work. When you get to the task page for the manager, there should be a text box. Editing the value and submiting the task should set the value for 'comment'. Viewing the 'edit something' task should show that value if the user gets there after the value is inserted, obviously. I only stress that because you have the read-only task listed before the manager's task. In your example, you have the read only task first, when there's no value in 'comment'. Then you have the manager's task after it. You might want that the other way around.

      This also points to a construct I'm probably going to wind up adding on my own system. Process level comments. There are comments on the task level, but they aren't used much as I can tell. We use a lot of workflow at my day job, and have comments on both the task and process level. We have never used the task level ones. We extensively use the process level one.

      I guess you could get around it by doing a query for all tasks, but sometimes you just want to attach a comment to the process even when you have nothing assigned to you.

      Anyway, your code should save the value in the database.