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    jBPM books


      Besides what is present on jBoss jBPM web site, is there any good book /tutorial with more use cases? I searched on amazon but couldn't find any good book on jBPM. I am looking for more code examples for actual business process implementation.

      Please suggest what is more details source for knowing/understaing and getting more code samples for this product

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          Did you found any book(s) on jBPM. Please let me know


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            How about this ?. I haven't read yet.

            JBoss Live.


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              Is any one planning on writing one?


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                Hi guys,

                A jBPM book is definitely on our tasklist, but we are quite busy so this project resided until present in some low priority thread that sometimes became active and directly went back to sleep again. I envision a practical tutorial-like book taking the incremental approach of adding more and more complexity to a jBPM application while treating the main jBPM featureset.
                Everyone is encouraged to provide ideas and/or examples of course...


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                  hi all,

                  is there any book for jbpm atleast now?

                  please respond if u have any idea


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                    no, there is not. Just online docs, wiki, sources, testcases/examples etc

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                      A Book on jBPM and Seam would help a lot.
                      There are a lot of issues:
                      When to use identity?; when to delegate security to the application container?.
                      When to store data in the process as variables?; when to store data in a database manually?

                      and so on

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                        Why would a book help in these areas? Wouldn't just having the information at hand help?

                        Besides that, most of these questions are so environment specific that a book wil not anwser these. (IMO)

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                          It seems to me that JBPM community don't want to give enough documentation about Jbpm .

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                            How so? I've had almost all my questions answered by reading the User Guide and source code (yes, source code is documentation). Everything else has basically been answered in the forum, which is also documentation.

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                              May I ask where you get that idea? I may have misunderstood your suggestion, but are more than happy to elaborate on things if the question is specific, comes with some background info (and preferably can be answered by a 'yes' or 'no' or 'I'd go for solution 1 instead of 2')

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                                My post was obviously not directed at David (I did not read his post yet)

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                                  I'd like to incorporate jbpm into my current project. But I couldn't find a book on the market to explain the ins-and-outs of the subject.

                                  The crucial factor in promoting the jbpm is a complete reference that developers can depend on.

                                  Can someone please make this a priority, and help me learn more on the subject by writing a book on jbpm? It will attract more developers in contributing in the project in one way or another.

                                  Clearly, the community is asking for one. At least one. :-)

                                  Thank you.

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                                    About writing a book on jbpm:
                                    - you need time (do you have that?)
                                    - you need knowledge (do you have that?)
                                    - you need demand (one is not enough)
                                    - you need writing skills (writing books is different then writing on a wiki in many cases, do you have that)
                                    - you need reviewers (I volunteer)

                                    So when do you start?

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