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    diferent process designer

    rafa perez Newbie

      we are interesting in change the process designer of jBPM. Our first idea is to transform the design created to JPDL.

      My question is: I can deploy a definition of a process only with the JPDL definition of it.

      Thnks in advance!

      Best regards.

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          Sorry, could be me but If I understand correctly, you want to to know if a jpdl file is needed to deploy a process (Yes, since it is the process) and if it can be generated from something else (Yes, if you develop this transformation yourself)

          If this is not what you meant, please let me know

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            Rainer Alfoeldi Novice

            Hi Ronald,

            I believe the emphasis was on ONLY jpdl, meaning withour the gdp(?) files. (I'm not in the office..)

            As they want to do their own GUI thing they would be missing the jBPM GUI files.


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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              right, missed that emphasis. Then the answer is yes you can, but you should remove displaying the process image from the jbpm monitor ui if you want to use it. It will throw an exception otherwise.

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                rafa perez Newbie

                Yes, my question is we can change the process designer of jbpm an use an own designer. A GUI easier to use for not experiment user. Thath's the idea.

                Also we want to make a standalone, this is, not to have to use the Eclipse for the design of process or the deployt of it.

                Thanks for your atentions, and sorry for my poor english.


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                  Ronald van Kuijk Master


                  What do you mean by 'not experiment user'? A not so experienced user? I do not object to you developing your own graphical process designer, but are hoping you could mention what you miss or do not like about our GPD.

                  With regard to 'eclipse'. It is just a basis for developing IDE's. In the future, and maybe you can help on that, a 'standalone' GPD will be created. Still based on eclipse, but customized in such a way that you do not see it.

                  So maybe instead of creating your own GPD, we can join forces and make the 'current' gpd even better.


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                    Jim McMaster Newbie

                    Problems with current GPD (since you asked):

                    1) Plugin generation does not register GPD as an editor for XML files. I had to manually register it for gpd.xml and processdefinition.xml. This is not documented, and took me awhile to locate by a search of the forum.

                    2) Error dialog every time you make a change to the drawing (reported elsewhere)

                    3) Unable to access properties by right-clicking element in drawing pane. You can only do that from the outline view

                    4) Unable to extend the drawing pane past end of window. Long workflows get ugly.

                    5) No way to generate turn points in transitions so you can avoid transitions crossing nodes.

                    6) No grid to enable easy alignment of components makes for very ugly diagrams

                    7) Any change to generated XML causes diagram to collapse into upper left-hand corner of drawing pane, with no apparent means of getting it back.

                    I spent yesterday looking at GPD for the first time, and gave up on after a few hours of frustration. It is not usable at this point.