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    Migrating/Porting Oracle BPEL to JBPM BPEL

    kazam Newbie

      Has anyone ported BPEL Processes from Oracle BPEL WorkFlow engine to JBPM BPEL extension.

      I have a BPEL Process running on Oracle WorkFlow engine. I wish to port this to JBPM BPEL Engine.

      If some one has done this, can you please post your opinions/ experience regarding that.

      Many thanks.

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master


          Oracle has extended bpel with proprietary extensions to support workflow (human interactions). jBPM BPEL is core BPEL, so these extensions will not work. Therefor the possibilities of porting them at least depend on how much workflow you use. Probably also othe things, but I cannot comment on them simply because I don't have the knowledge.


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            kazam Newbie

            Thanks Ronald,
            The oracle BPEL process that we are using is mostly BPEL 1.0 compliant and I don't believe that we have used any of their extensions. The workflow is of moderate size and can be modified/rewritten.

            Could you kindly answer some of my other migration related questions.
            - Does the JBPM Designer plugin also helps in designing BPEL processes.
            - When will this project reach beta stage or a stable release. In short what's the heading for BPEL extension.

            Many Thanks, Kazam.

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              Alejandro Guizar Master

              In fact, OBPM did not introduce propietary extension for user tasks. Support for them is provided by a human workflow service. As long as the BPEL process does not invoke that service, everything's cool.

              The jBPM designer does not edit BPEL yet. However, as Ronald indicates in the topic "web based GPD", an Eclipse BPEL designer is under development. At some point we will bundle it with the jBPM designer. We might even become contributors if the community demand justifies it.

              You can check the release dates anytime in our issue tracking system.