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    JBoss cache and JBPM


      I checked the hbm files for the jbpm tables and found that nonstrict read/write mode is being used for the 2nd level cache.

      1) Therefore will I have any performance benefits when using JBoss cache instead? I think jboss cache does not support this mode.

      2) I have a clustered web app using jbpm running on JBoss...will there be any issues with jbpm using ehcache?

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          1. No. You are right, JBoss Cache does not support that mode and Hibernate will not activate it.
          2. Yes. Ehcache does not support clustering.

          My suggestion? Replace nonstrict-read-write withtransactional in the mapping files and rebuild jBPM. A more advanced optimization is to replace with read for definition objects. In this case you might need to disable the second level cache at process deployment time, as the read cache strategy could prevent updates from arriving at the database.