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    Hibernate not in GPD jBPM 3.1.1 Library

    David Hosier Novice

      So I have some code where I am interacting with the Identity module and creating an IdentitySession like so:

      IdentitySession idSession = new IdentitySession(context.getSession());
      where context is the JbpmContext instance for the method. As far as I know, this is really the only way to do this. However, Eclipse complains that org.hibernate.Session, which is the return type of context.getSession(), cannot be found on the classpath. I have the jBPM 3.1.1 library applied to the project, but I notice that the hibernate3.jar file is missing from that library. I went searching through the bowels of the Eclipse configuration directory, and I found that the hibernate jar is indeed in there, it's just not being included in the library for some reason. It's easily solved by adding the hibernate jar into my project as a standalone jar, but I'd rather not have to do that. I just wanted to check if this was a known issue or intentional or what. I could not find anything in JIRA for this. This is with Eclipse 3.1.1 and GPD