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    Olaf Maass Newbie

      I installed jBPM Starters kit and did some successful testing with jBPM. I also followed the "JbpmGettingStarted" article in the Wiki and created that jBPMStartersProcess etc. As described in the Wiki I could deploy that process to JBoss with the contextual menu "Deploy Process Definition" / "Deploy Process Archive" (right mouse click on "StartersProcess.par").

      Because of the NullPointerException while saving tasks I switched to jBPM Designer which fixed that bug.

      But after installing jbpm-gpd-feature- (and as a later test also jbpm-gpd-site-, I'm missing that contextual menu entry and don't know how to deploy my process to JBoss now.

      Does anyone have an idea, how I can fix it and re-install the context menu entry?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Olaf Maass Newbie

          OK, I see it now.

          When I install jbpm Designer version 3.0.8 then there is the context menu entry "Deploy Process Archive" in the eclipse package explorer.

          When I install jbpm Designer version 3.0.9 then the context menu disappears but instead I get a new tab "Deployment" in the Process editor and I can deploy through this (even more comfortable) mask.

          Actually I remember now that in the starters kit user guide that deployment mask was viewable in screenshots. But as starters kit is bundled with version 3.0.8 of the designer, it did not show up.

          So, forget about this posting... ;-)