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    JBPM to create BPEL


      Hi folks,
      can I extend/change source code of the Process Designer to create BPEL Files not jPDL??
      Is there a tutorial/documentation for such an aim?
      Thanks Rainer

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          Look at BPEL beta2 - point 3.4 ::

          3.4. Getting the Eclipse BPEL designer
          The Eclipse community has begun a BPEL project [http://www.eclipse.org/bpel/]. The goal of this project is "to
          add comprehensive support to Eclipse for the definition, authoring, editing, deploying, testing and debugging of
          WS-BPEL 2.0 processes".
          The JBoss jBPM team has been in touch with the comitters of this project. Expect tighter integration between the
          Eclipse Designer and jBPM BPEL shortly after key pieces of functionality such as Runtime Framework and Debug
          become available.
          You do not have to wait, tough. You can get started with the Eclipse BPEL designer and jBPM BPEL today!
          Please visit our Wiki [http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JbpmBpelDesigner] knowledge base for a Quick
          Start guide.

          Maybe this will help you.

          Greetings Claus

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            Hi guys !

            Did you manege to deploy a bpel process with the eclipse tool ?
            It seems to me that is enough deployed. I have the same problem when i want to deploy a web service using Eclipse on Jboss.

            Any help on that . You guys get to deploy both web services and bpel process using Eclipse ?

            Thank you.