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    BPEL process waiting for an user action

    Jose Juan Avila Newbie

      Hi ,

      I have been reading again many of the topics about BPEL vs JBPM, differences, etc since I was too new to understand.

      Let me know if i am wrong.

      I understand the difference btw web service orchestration (BPEL) and java components (JBPM).

      The problem is that I want to get web service orchestration. Imagine a process where several web services are called (think of the loan approval example) and at some point I want a human to accept or refuse my loan request.

      My first question is (): is there any library to manage this case using jbpel ?Is this case out of the scope of BPEL ? do I have to use jbpm then ?
      In my first question I am thinking of an easy way or automatic way to do such a thing.

      My second question, idea is : Since BPEL process is only aware of web services is it possible to create (code) a web service that can be called by the process and by another user so that the process response will be release after the user called to the same web services ??

      Any other suggestion to deploy such an example ??