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    Available Documentation on GPD Properties?

    Steve Monk Newbie

      I have been thru all the documentation available on the GPD (and read just about everything I could find on jBPM - documentation, wiki, etc) - is there anything anywhere that describes the properties available on each of the elements available within the GPD (nodes, actions, transitions etc)? Many of the "forms" that are displayed within eclipse for each of these elements contain various properties editable within the GPD and and I am looking for something somewhere that explains in non technical terms (if possible) what each of these properties can/should be used for?

      I can understand some of the properties based upon the examples that are used in the documentation I have read - but the majority just sit there looking at me saying "ok bud - I dare you to work out what I am used for....",

      If anyone knows of any documentation on this it would be most helpful. I'm willing to learn - but I just need something to learn from....
      Many thanks.