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    Eclipse 3.2 and jBPM

    phil sellick Newbie

      I am having trouble getting jBPM starter kit working with Eclipse, the instrucition here are for 3.1 and I can't get the project project to get any further than looking for the jBPM runttime

      I know the server works as I can see the faces applicaiton with bert and ernie and it works. BUT I can't see to get 3.2 to open the archived local site (no site found) or see the plug in. Are there some simple instructions that explain what is different in 3.2 than 3.1

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          Pavan Kumar Newbie

          I dont have an idea whats the difference in 3.1 and 3.2. But the following worked for me to use the process designer plugin in eclipse.

          Eclipse Version used - eclipse-3.2
          jBPM Process Designer plugin - jbpm-jpdl-designer-3.1.0alpha2

          I have just copied the features and plugins from the jbpm-jpdl-designer-3.1.0alpha2.zip into corresponding folders in eclipse.

          Then started eclipse.exe from command line using the -clean option.

          c:\eclipse>eclipse -clean

          Now I was able to see the options for new process designer project etc.

          See If this can be of some help to you.