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    JBOSS BPEL: invoking web services dinamiclly

    Jose Juan Avila Newbie

      I have a question.

      I don't know how BPEL solves this problem.
      Imagine a process with different paths of execution depending on a variable.
      Every path invokes a different web service. We can model this behaviour by using the if-else structure.

      The problem is where the different paths of execution invoke the same web service, meaning they have the same WSDL document , portype , etc..
      but they are deployed in different locations (ex:differente machine).

      Is there any other way to model such behaviour with only a path of execuation using a parameter with the address of the service ?

      Thank you

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          Jose Juan Avila Newbie

          Hi again.
          I have just found it in the wsbpel-specification-draft.

          The notion of < partnerLinks > is used to directly model peer-to-peer conversational partner relationships. < partnerLinks > define the shape of a relationship with a partner by defining the portTypes used in the interactions in both directions. However, the actual partner service may be dynamically determined within the process. WS-BPEL uses a notion of endpoint reference, manifested as a service reference
          container <sref:service-ref>, to represent the data required to describe a partner service

          I just don't know how to put this into practice.

          Jose Juan Avila