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    Integrating jBPM - DuplicateMappingException

    Dilip Dalton Newbie

      We are looking at integrating a workflow engine into our product and I am currently investigating jBPM. I am having some problems trying to integrate the jBPM library into our existing JBoss application.

      Our existing application uses Hibernate. I get a DuplicateMappingException with jBPM because we have a class named Task in our business logic. I have no way of resolving this as I cannot change the name of this class.
      Since Task is a pretty common name in the business logic I would expect others also would have faced a similar situation.

      Hibernate by default ignores the namespace. This can be changed by setting auto-import="false" in the mapping file and this does not help. Is there any other way to resolve this?

      We want to do the business logic and the workflow processing in one transaction. So having jBPM use its own session factory is not desired.