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    Problem in adding a mail-node in the process definition on g

    Naseem Khan Newbie


      I am using jpdl gd 3.0.13 for developing process definition. I have tried to incorporate email in my process definition as a mail node. But I did not find any way to create mail-node from process designer. I can only create a simple node or a Task node where I can assign a task .

      There is no email node in my process designer. When I tried to add a mail-node in the generated process definition xml file, process deployment failed from the eclipse side, also the sequence of the definition gets broken.

      <mail-node name="send email" to="#{president}" subject="readmylips" text="nomoretaxes">
       <transition to="the next node" />

      Email functionality as an action is working fine. Problem is with mail as a node.

      Is mail-node not supported in the current version of the process designer?