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      • 15. Re: jbpm-jpdl-suite-3.2.1 Source Code

        Looks like the cvs grab doesn't include dependancies. Now I've got to chase down all the extra jars.

        This seems like a bit of a rediculous barrier of entry for what is supposed to be a starter kit.

        • 16. Re: jbpm-jpdl-suite-3.2.1 Source Code

          Ok, so looks like commons-logging and hibernate were the only dependancies, throw them in jbpm.3/lib and the build now only complains about a lot of jbpm classes that are missing, here's a couple of examples:

          [javac] C:\Downloads\cvsgrab-2.3\cvsgrab-2.3\JBPM\jbpm.3\src\java.jbpm\org\jbpm\JbpmConfiguration.java:8: cannot find symbol
          [javac] symbol : class ClassLoaderUtil
          [javac] location: package org.jbpm.instantiation
          [javac] import org.jbpm.instantiation.ClassLoaderUtil;
          [javac] ^
          [javac] C:\Downloads\cvsgrab-2.3\cvsgrab-2.3\JBPM\jbpm.3\src\java.jbpm\org\jbpm\JbpmContext.java:34: package org.jbpm.configuration does not exist
          [javac] import org.jbpm.configuration.ObjectFactory;

          looks like either I didn't get the whole thing or there's code somewhere I haven't looked yet

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