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    Two questions about jBPM



      In my company we are looking at some BPMs and i like jBPM much, bu i'm not sure if it suits our needs, so we are making a test process, and i have two questions...

      #1 Can a process be started outside jBPM? Where can i find some info about this?

      #2 Can we customize the UI? We want to insert an applet and translate some labels, but we're not able to find the places to do it.

      Thanks in advance.

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          #1 you can do it. There is a command service that is implemented as listening on db table or in case of Enterprise Application it can receive messages via JMS.

          #2 The web console is just plain JSF application, so you can either customize it according your branding or if you are bold enough :-) you can even develop your own using provided JSF tags.