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    History Functions


      Hey all. I have been looking for a few days now at documentation and can't seem to be able to do something I thought would be quite simple.

      Here is the business problem: my client is interested in tracking who made what decision and when. They also want to incorporate the diplay of that history into the site. For the purposes of discussion, each decision is 'userstamped' (which means their username and datetime is stamped).

      Here is an example, to illustrate the problem:
      -Order comes in from client.
      -Admin clerk who looks at it first generates a userstamp
      -If there is no product in the warehouse, the clerk creates an order. A userstamp is captured about who ordered it (and later who approved the order).
      -Email is sent to the client that it has been back-ordered, the person sending the email has a userstamp captured
      - etc.
      - Later a Manager comes by and reviews the order. They see a page that shows the history of the order as well as the userstamps (who, when).

      I can easily see how to implement something like this using JBPM, but I really don't want to re-invent the wheel. Is this functionality already built into JBPM? If so, how can it be accessed?