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    Toolbar - Migration to 3.2.0.SR1

    Fabrizio Boco Newbie


      I am migrating to 3.2.0.SR1.

      My pages have a toolbar and item menu

       <rich:menuItem immediate="true" value="#{msgs.list_Cd_new}" action="#{CdManager.initCreate}" />

      This was Ok with 3.1.4. Using 3.2.0.SR1 I get the following error:

      Parent menu for menu group (id=j_id19:j_id21) has not been found.

      I have found these two threads


      where SergeySmirnov says

      ... you use rich:menuItem directly on the toolBar without having rich:menu

      Yes, rich:menuItem cannot be used outside of the rich:menu is 3.2.0

      My problem is that I can't find any rich:menu.

      Please, can anyone help me ?

      Thank you.