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    Showing the process diagram in my own application



      regarding the process diagram I've got a couple of questions. The reason is that I am looking for a way to display the process diagram as shown in the console in my own application.

      As far as I know the process diagram is not generated at runtime but during the designing of the process using the GPD in Eclipse. And the image is packed into the .bar-file and deployed together with the process definition.

      How does the console put the red arrow at the right place in the image? Is the g-attribute also parsed and stored in the database when a process is deployed? If yes is this information accessible via the API? If not how does the console deals with this?

      <task assignee="mike" g="352,169,92,52" name="escalated">
       <transition g="-50,-21" name="to task2" to="task2"/>

      Thanks in advance!