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    Support needed to install and use jBPM

    Giuseppe Tino Newbie

      I opened another topic because I really really need support.
      I'm trying to install jbpm4.2 and use it but I'm unable.
      I'm in very hurry, please anyone could help me?
      I tried to follow many tutorials to install it under jboss but nothing, I tried to learn how to use activity as described in PVM documentation but nothing, I don't know if my computer have some problem, if the documentation that I follow is referred to an old version or if is there some bug that prevent me to use jBPM.
      I can delete all version of jpbm jboss javajdk eclipse etc from my pc to restart with a "clean" installation, could you guide me step by step on how I can install and use jbpm?
      I would like to use the latest version of the programs, but if you are expert of an old version is ok, i'll download the versions of the programs that you suggest me.
      Please help me, they are two weeks that I try to use it!!!