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    creation of jboss configuration


      i moved the creation of jboss configuration for jbpm to jboss/jboss-4.0.3/build.xml

      please have a look and see if it works for you.

      now, a zip file is build that contains all the necessary files to deploy jbpm into a jboss configuration. by e.g. unzipping it into the jboss/server/default directory.

      next, i'm going to see if i can get it running on 4.0.4. as that will require me to examine the library combpatibility stuff. any hints, tips and pointers on library compatibility between jbpm and jboss 4.0.4 are appreciated.

      with 4.0.3, i know that we have to overwrite the apache commons lib with a specific version. i don't yet know if that will be necessary for 4.0.4 as well.

      i also know that david updated the ehcache lib to get it working with 4.0.4.

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          I run things in 4.04GA and ehcache was my only problem (AFAIRemeber). I'll try things tonight

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            here's a summary of the targets that i created:

            *** file jboss/jboss-4.0.3/build.xml

            - default target will create a zip file that you can copy over a default jboss configuration and that will deploy jbpm as a service archive, the jbpm web console and put the necessary configurations in place.

            - target create.jbpm.configuration will copy the jboss default configuration to a jbpm configuration and installs jbpm into it with the zip file of the default target

            *** file console/build.xml

            - default target will build the jbpm web console and puts that in the local repository

            - target deploy will use the jmx-console to deploy the web application through a web request. this is a very convenient target when you're testing the web app. after a while, jboss runs out of memory sometimes. but it's convenient while it lasts.

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              Is deploying through the jmx interface persistent? I think I've seen situations where after a restart it was gone.

              Why not 'also' have a deploy that just copies the war to a deploy dir?

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                deploying through the jmx interface is NOT persistent. i forgot to mention that :-s

                good idea to also have a persistent deployment.

                the reason why i preferred the jmx one is that it only returns (and then completes the ant task) when the deployment is finished. with copy deployment you have to wait till the scanner does another poll and figures out that a new war has been put on the file system.

                so the jmx deployment is faster

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                  ok. so i reorganized the jboss stuff again. this time, i'm able to build and deploy jbpm to jboss 4.0.3SP1 and 4.0.4.GA.

                  the only thing required is a configuration parameter update to switch between jboss app servers.

                  cool he !

                  check out the targets in jboss/configuration/build.xml

                  and configuration parameter jboss.version at the top of build/build.properties

                  i'll check this in asap. cause there is one more problem: the jboss repository is not yet properly filled. you can see how it works, but you'll have to put the files in place manually until the necessary binaries have been uploaded to the repo.