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    Problems building GWT-Console-JBPM



      I was trying to build gwt-console-jbpm as stated in [1] but some issues came up:

      a) JBPM artifact version 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT could not be found in any repository. So, I changed it to 3.3.0.CR1.

      <!-- By Ale! jbpm.version>3.3.0-SNAPSHOT</jbpm.version -->

      b) There is a compilation error:

      [INFO] Compiling 25 source files to /Volumes/Data/Code/redhat/jbpm/gwt-console/server/target/classes
      [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      [INFO] Compilation failure
      /Volumes/Data/Code/redhat/jbpm/gwt-console/server/src/main/java/org/jboss/bpm/console/server/dao/internal/JBPM3CommandDelegate.java:[109,26] cannot find symbol
      symbol : class DeleteProcessdefinitionCommand
      location: class org.jboss.bpm.console.server.dao.internal.JBPM3CommandDelegate
      /Volumes/Data/Code/redhat/jbpm/gwt-console/server/src/main/java/org/jboss/bpm/console/server/dao/internal/JBPM3CommandDelegate.java:[123,13] cannot find symbol
      symbol : method setProcessId(long)
      location: class org.jbpm.command.GetProcessInstancesCommand

      [1] https://www.jboss.org/community/docs/DOC-12879

      Alexandre Gomes

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          Yes, thats two common problems.

          1) 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT is not yet in the repository. I'll publish it. Until then you need to build jbpm3 trunk in order to populate your local maven repository.

          2) The console code is not compatible with 3.3.0.CR1.


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            I forgot to say that the console requires jbpm3 trunk to be installed on a AS instance anyway.
            Hence we did not publish snapshots yet.

            But I've added a README:

            The server module needs to be deployed on a running jboss instance, along with jbpm.
            The easiest way is using the installer as described here: http://www.jboss.org/community/docs/DOC-12863
            Build and test the console
            General information can be found here:
            But the basics steps to get going are as follows:
            1) Build the top level module (gwt-console)
             mvn clean install
            2) Make sure both jBPM and the server module are installed on JBoss AS instance
             See http://www.jboss.org/community/docs/DOC-12863
            3) Boot the AS and start the gwt console in hosted mode
             cd war
             mvn gwt:gwt
             // optionally
             mvn gwt:debug