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    inplace input, handle for Save and Cancel buttons


      I am looking for ways to handle action on click of Save or cancel in inplace input.Also, i need to pass a value as request parameter value on this action
      I tried the following code, but i see null in the action method.

      <rich:inplaceInput showControls="true" immediate="true" editEvent="ondblclick"
      maxInputWidth="200" minInputWidth="1" required="true"
      converterMessage="Job Name should have atleast one character"
      requiredMessage="Job Name should have atleast one character. Value can't be changed."
      selectOnEdit="true" inputWidth="200px" value="#{job.displayJobNameStart}">
      <a4j:support action="#{viewJobBean.editJobDetails}" event="onviewactivated"/>
      <a4j:actionparam name="jobId" value="#{job.nodeNid}" assignTo="#{viewJobBean.nodeNid}"/>
      <f:param name="jobId" value="#{job.nodeNid}"/> </rich:inplaceInput>

      Any kind of help is highly appreciated...