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    'value' attribute (javax.el.ValueExpression)

    David Fuchs Newbie


      I'm new to JSF, and am a bit confused by the ambiguity of the 'value' attribute on JSF components. The documentation always seems to show that it takes a javax.el.ValueExpression, and it also says that this expression must resolve to a java.lang.Object. As such, I can pass in anything I want (i.e. #{foo.someProperty}), but that kind of flexibility is a bit confusing.

      The question is, where can I find documentation that generally describes how components treat the 'value' attribute of a JSF component?

      I'm sure that if I were to pass a custom object in to an h:outputText, for example, it's just going to call toString() on it. But what if I pass a collection to h:outputText? Is it going to output the first element, or a list of elements? And if a list of elements, how does it separate them? You see where I'm going. :)