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    UTF-8 problem with Portal 2.2.1 (from CVS) and portlet

    Tomasz Szymanski Novice


      We have moved labs from Portal 2.0 to portal 2.2.1 (from CVS), and i have a problem with utf-8 coding in portlet (JBoss Wiki).

      In 2.0 when i used to save wiki pages with utf-8 characters, they were converted to \u[blahblah] and everything was working perfectly fine.

      Now Portal's encoding is recognised as UTF-8 and when i submit a save-form, special characters do not convert to \u[something] and pages are stored on hardrive with utf-encoding.

      The problem is:
      When i show the page with servlet (accesing some methods from service) i get UTF-8 characters showing perfectly fine... but when i show the page in portlet (using the same method - so getting the same string) - it shows, as far as i recognise, iso-8859-1, while in the same time clicking right button -> Page Info shows UTF-8 as page encoding.

      Maybe someone has encountered similar problems ?

      Thanks for help,
      Tomek Szymanski