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    Migrating portal objects between instances

    Peter Halverson Newbie

      Is there a defined approach for copying portal content between two separate instances of JBP? (e.g. between a test/staging instance and a production instance) I'm referring to items like portal instances, windows, pages, etc.

      While I can create an initial set of deployments through an *-object.xml, I'd really like to be able to capture definitions created via the Admin screens. Maybe some kind of component that generates a deployment file from the current set of objects, which I can then embed in a deployment archive...?


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          There is a definite need for this, as you are not the only one to ask. I will create a jira task for it, but am not sure it can make it in to 2.6... lets see.

          My idea is like yours, to have an export of the current snapshot in xml format that u can then move to your prod server. I would also like to have it versionable... allowing one to rollback to a previous version of the portal.