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    Defining new CMS portlet instance

    Peter Halverson Newbie

      I'm trying to define a new CMS portlet instance for some custom page content but I can't seem to make a valid reference in my portlet-instances.xml to a portlet in a different webapp (e.g. core). No matter what I provide as a portlet-ref, JBP keeps trying to append my webapp's context name ("arcdrm") to the front of the portlet name, and obviously failing. I've tried "CMSPortlet", "portal.CMSPortlet", and "local.portal.CMSPortlet", all fail with something like

      Failed to create instance WelcomePortletInstance of portlet arcdrm.local.portal.CMSPortlet because portlet arcdrm.local.portal.CMSPortlet is not available

      How are the values of <portlet-ref> parsed? Is is simply impossible to refer to portlets outside the immediate portlets.xml context, or is there some naming convention I haven't stumbled upon? It's clearly supported in the portal proper, as I can set this instance up administratively, but I need to be able to do it declaratively through the xml deployment.

      appreciate insight,