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    CMSAdmin portlet is not coming up

    manjunadh bvr Newbie

      Not able to see the portlet.
      Although I changed the roles from Admin to Unchecked, It is not coming up.
      I tried several times but not able to see. Could any body suggest me how to work with this portlet.(Showing up on the browser.)

      Manjunadh BVR.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Which version of JBoss Portal are you using? I will assume 2.4 since it is the current version.

          The CMS Admin portlet appears on the Admin page of the default portal. What access control have you set for that page?

          What do you mean that you changed roles from Admin to Unchecked? Roles are things assigned to users who log in.

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            manjunadh bvr Newbie

            Thanks peter for your reply
            Yes its 2.4.
            Now its working fine. Thats because, through SSO we are logging in to the application.All roles are defined in that schema.
            Entries are not there in JBP_USERS, ROLES tables. So built in portlets are not coming up, which is having Admin role.
            Now I set the default configuration for login-config.xml, and
            p-server.war/login.jsp . and logged with default admin credentials, and the portlet(CMS) are coming

            Manjunadh BVR.