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    Any plans to improve scrollableDataTabe Performance ?

    Francois Lessard Newbie

      Hello All,

      I've tried to use the rich:scrollableDataTable component in production environments for the past 6 months (RF 3.1.x, RF 3.2.0, RF 3.2.1) and found that it is unusable for large datasets(more than ~400 rows by 12 columns) .

      - I get javascript warnings saying that the page is not responding,
      - Sorting brings my cpu to 100 %,
      - Scrolling is "sluggish",
      - Reponsiveness is bad,
      - ...

      The Performance of this component degrades rapidly with the number of records. It works well and looks good in the demo but when it is used with "real world" data, the performance of this component compared to others is simply really, really bad (sorry if it sounds mean ).

      So, my question is : Are there any plans to improve the performance and quality of the scrollableDataTable component?

      Regards (and apologies to the RF team :-/ )