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    JSR286 - Support Estimate

      Although the JSR286 specification is not yet complete, will there be support for the spec built into a version of JBoss Portal sometime in the near future? Also, does anyone know if there is a projected date for when the spec will be finalized?

      Larry Compton

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          The first estimation is JBoss Portal 3.0 release which has no official roadmap yet.

          About the spec schedule, only the early draft preview has been released so far. According to the publicly available informations which are (Stefan's presentation at JavaOne 2006) :
          - 2nd early public draft October 2006
          - 1st public draft December 2006
          - Final public draft February 2007
          - Finished May 2007
          (Available here http://www.agilejava.com/downloads/TS-3627.pdf).

          I am affraid that the spec is a bit late on its schedule but this one is originally very aggressive. So there is no known projected final date.

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            Thank you the prompt response.

            Larry Compton