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    t:inputfileupload inside a Myfaces JSF portlet on JBoss Port


      Has a anybody successfully used a MyFaces Tomahawk inputfileupload component inside a JSF portlet inside of JBoss Portal ?

      We have many MyFaces Portlets (using MyFacesGenericPortlet mode) running inside of JBoss Portal, using Tomahawk components such as the datatable and server side Tree2, but for some reason the inputfiledownload doesnt work correctly, it works inside a webapp on JBoss correctly. The control is displayed correctly inside the portal, but when the h:form enctype is sent to "multipart/form-data" the upload action fails to trigger,the actions do get called when the enctype is removed, but ofcourse the fileupload will fail because the request has to contain multipart data for the apache fileupload api to process correctly. I found a somewhat similar problem related to the seam fileupload component. are they related ?


      Using the Apache Portal bridges is not an option since these are already production level portlets running using the MyFacesGenericPortlet bridge.

      Can somebody please provide some pointers ?