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    Can i change default login (admin / admin) ?

    mohan Newbie

      How can i change password for default login (admin / admin)
      after login i saw links Dashboard,admin. Can i remove them? or change them ?

      Thanks in advance

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          For changing default login, you need to update the script that creates the default user which is in the conf/hibernate/user/setup.txt . It is a BeanShell script.

          For removing the links, you can try to remove the PagerCustomizerInterceptor in META-INF/jboss-service.xml, but it would remove lot of decorations. I think we need to add more flexiblity there and provide at least some configuration that will drive the content produced in that zone, or delegate the producing of content to a real portlet.

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            Thomas Heute Master

            If you just meant to change the password after the first boot, you can do it bu logging-in as admin, then edit your profile

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              mohan Newbie

              Thanks for reply.

              I am using jboss-portal-2.6-BETA1 and logged in as admin. I am facing following problems

              1) I goto Role management portlet but i can't create new role. when i click on
              create new role nothing happens.

              2) I want to change the security of indivisual portal instances so i go to management portlet and try to change security but after selecting proper checkbox there is no update button so the changes i made are lost.

              I want that user can only be able to see/add my portlet instances to his dashboard not all.

              Any suggestions !!!