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    Unaccessable Instance

    Andrew Brownfield Newbie


      I've been playing around with JBoss Portal for a few days to become familiar with the environment, before I start developing some portlets. I have run into a slight snag that I haven't been able to remedy.

      Using the admin account I set a HelloWorld portlet instance with the view permission for only the role User. This immediately stopped the administrator from viewing the instance for both the dashboard or administrating. I would like to be able to re-access this instance to either modify permissions or destroy it.

      Some recursive grepping of the instance name led me to $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/data/portal/hypersonic/database.script. With a quick glance I realized that this may be a dangerous file to hand-edit without a bit more research.

      In case it's pertinent:
      jboss-portal-2.6-CR2 (AS & Portal bundled)
      OS X 10.4.9

      Any suggestions?


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          Andrew Brownfield Newbie

          Managed to find a work-around, though it leaves some artifacts.

          I simply deleted the .war file from the war directory and the instances disappeared from all views of the portal.

          Doing the same recursive grep of the instance name shows that it has not changed it's occurrence in $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/data/portal/hypersonic/database.script

          I suppose this may be a case of "don't ask for things you don't really want" (revoking view privileges for the admin)