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    Which libraries to deploy?

    Paul Murray Newbie

      I am attempting to build a JSF portal in eclipse, for deployment onto jboss-portal-2.6.1.GA running on jboss-4.2.1.GA.

      I am trying to work from scratch, but using HelloWorldJSFSunRIPortlet as a guide, so as to try to understand what does and does not get deployed. (I found by trial and error that the JSFSunRI version is the one that works).

      In eclipse, I need to build a "JSF Library" and specify that it is the JSF implementation for the project. I am using the three jar files in

      Is this correct? Should I be including all three? Do they need to be deployed along with my portlet, or will it be ok because they are in the lib directory? Where is this documented, if anywhere?

      The sample app from JBoss (which works) has a lib directory containing four files - explode, jsf-portlet, portal-common-lib, and portal-api-lib. The war that it builds contains only jsf-portlet.jar .

      Is there any way to know that a jsf portlet needs to include this file, apart from unpacking the sample app and finding out? Is that all you need?