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    Can not be back to home(default page)any more when you click

    lori wong Newbie


      I found a strange thing in JBoss CMS portal2.6.2.
      I want to integrate a small web site (some static html pages) into JBoss CMS.
      Step 1:
      I create a clean JBoss portal with instruments--http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=CleanPortalSamplesFromServer

      Step 2:
      I changed the content in one config file to:


      And change another config file to:

      BTW?I just use left column to show something here.

      Step 3:
      I created some menu and sub-menu using JBoss portal, just like below:
      Home About Us Help

      There are some html pages including Legal link fragment:
      <div id="footer">
       <ul id="navFooter">
       <li>© 2007 MyCompany. All rights reserved.</li>
       <li><a HREF="/portal/content/myfolder/pages/legal.html">Legal Information.</a></li>

      Reproduce the problem as follows:

      Step 1:
      Using http://localhost:8080/portal can be linked to default page

      Step 2:
      Click the home menu can display default page and browser URL will be http://localhost:8080/portal/portal/default/default

      Click the menu sub_memu1 can display the right page as well other menus, click home menu, you can get the default page without any problem.

      In default page, click the Legal link at the bottom of default pages, the Legal page can be displayed. PROBLEM comes at this point now, if we click the Home menu, the page will stay in legal page, we can not be back to default page any more!!!. I verified it with other pages which includes a link (link to Html page, not images) in page, the same thing happened, it is so weird!!. However if you click logout, you will get the default page again.
      The url is http://localhost:8080/portal/portal/default .

      Is it a Bug or something I missed?