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    Sticky Validation Errors

    Jan Thielscher Newbie


      I am working on a Richfaces-Portlet using RF 3.1.0 with the 3.1.0 SNAPHSHOT implementation on Portal 2.6.3.

      As soon as a validation error is reported, the message sticks with the session and prevents the form from being completed. Not even an immediate action overcomes this. Here a log:

      14:39:04,640 INFO [STDOUT] before - RESTORE_VIEW 1
      14:39:04,640 INFO [STDOUT] after - RESTORE_VIEW 1
      14:39:04,656 INFO [STDOUT]
      >>>>>> PortletAjaxContext CONSTRUCTOR called!
      14:39:04,656 INFO [STDOUT] before - APPLY_REQUEST_VALUES 2
      14:39:04,859 INFO [STDOUT] after - APPLY_REQUEST_VALUES 2
      14:39:04,937 INFO [STDOUT] AJAXFacesPortlet viewId=/jsf/index.xhtml view Root=o
      14:39:04,937 INFO [STDOUT]
      >>>>>> PortletAjaxContext CONSTRUCTOR called!
      14:39:04,937 INFO [STDOUT] before - RENDER_RESPONSE 6
      14:39:05,187 INFO [lifecycle] WARNING: FacesMessage(s) have been enqueued, but
      may not have been displayed.

      I expected the messages to disappear with the next request. But obviously they remain! resulting in 1 error message after the first request, 2 after the 2nd, 4 after the 3rd,... even when data gets corrected or the validation phase - as shown above - is jumped totally!?!

      Does anyone have an idea what might cause this behaviour?