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    Problem with Admin portal in clustered environment

    gressho Newbie


      we have installed a cluster of JBoss AS 4.2.1 and JBoss Portal 2.6.2 and use Apache
      2.2 as load balancer. While we don't have much problems with the default portal and
      self developed virtual portals and portlets the admin portal, especially the portal
      administration doesn't work. It's not possible at all to do the page layout: when I click
      on the link my browser is targeted back to portal administration page.
      Clicking on the tabs work only each second time (this is a MyFaces problem: old version).

      Deploying a full virtual portal leads to an empty portal: the portlet is installed, the instance
      not, the window is generated, the page is generated and the virtual portal is generated!
      The deployment descriptors work on an unclustered portal w/o any problems.

      Has anybody made the same experience?

      Any help is apreciated.

      Best wishes