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    Multiple Portals Management

    amontobin Newbie


      I've got some questions about JBoss Portal :

      1. If i create multiple portals (For instance : PortalA, PortalB ..) ; Is it possible to customize JBoss Portal to have a User Management, CMS Management by portal and not globally ?
      User : Test can exist in PortalA and PortalB and is not the same user.
      CMS : Administrator of PortalA can't see CMS resources of PortalB.

      2. Is it possible to run 2 JBoss Portal Service (jboss-portal1.sar on /portal1
      and jboss-portal2.sar on /portal2) to have two distinct Administrative Management ? Is there some performance bottlenecks ?

      Is there any others solutions that i've not seen ?

      Thank you for your help,