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    Hyperlink not working from CMS html page to another CMS HTML

    Shankar Khanna Newbie


      I am new to the portal development. And i am facing an issue while using CMS which is integrated with JBoss Portal. I am using jboss portal 2.6.4.

      When i create a html page in cms and put a hyperlink to another page (that also created through cms). The link does not work.

      I also checked the default portal which is having default page. There are few links in default page which all are working. But as soon as i edit that index.html file under the default folder, the links do not work. The links in new version of index.html file do not work. It does not work even if i just open the index.html file and press create button that creates a new version of index.html file.

      Please help me that i able to use hyperlinks in cms content.

      Shankar Khanna