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    Full Portal Page Refresh Problem



      I have deployed two portlets in JBoss Portal.In first portlet,user can enter user name in an input box & clicks submit.After clicking Submit button,the user name is shown in other portlet with some greeting message.The user name is shown in other portlet using APPLICATION_SESSION in Portlets.
      It is working fine but when i click on Submit button,the entire portal page is refreshed instead of the two portlets leading to restart of other portlets.I am confused as what is leading to this behavior- Submit button or something else.Can anyone help me on this.


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          One more thing i noticed while administrating the JBoss Portal is that we have option of partial refresh of portal under admin link.Under Portal objects link,for a specific portal page,this property can be checked fro partial refresh,but when i checked it and updated my portal page, my portlets are not working.Quite confusing i can say.Also no specific docs i found relating to this so far.

          Anyone to help please??

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            Refer to the appropriate guide from this link.


            As far as JSR 168 spec is concerned Inter portlet communication is not standardized. Jboss supports this through listeners.You need to implement your own listeners and the guide has instructions. Also you will find, in the guide, when partial refresh works and when it does not.