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Can I run JSR 168 as is in a JSR 286 container ?

Sourav Mazumder Newbie

Hi All,

Instead of migrating JSR 168 portlets to JSR 286 can I deploy and run them as is in a JSR 286 container (like JBP 2.7.2) ?

If it is possible, can they participate in Inter Portlet Communication with other Portlets (JSR 168 and JSR 286) using Eventing mechaism ?


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    Sambit Dikshit Newbie

    Hi Sourav,
    As per the portlet 2.0 spec, it should work. The portlet container must support this. Extract from Spec..under PLT.2.5 Compatibility section.

    "The Java Portlet Specification V 2.0 does not break binary compatibility with V 1.0. This
    means that all portlets written against the V 1.0 specification can run unchanged. Portlet
    V2.0 containers must support deploying JSR 168 portlets and the JSR 168 deployment descriptor. "