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    Bean declarations only in jboss.xml

    Brian Stansberry Master

      A couple clustered EJB3 tests are failing because the bean jar includes an ejb-jar.xml but one bean in the test isn't listed there -- it's declared via annotation and has some overrides in jboss.xml, but no ejb-jar.xml entry.

      Seems this is failing because JBossEnterpriseBeansMetaData.merge() is ignoring the possibility that a bean could be listed only in jboss.xml and not in ejb-jar.xml. So, the jboss.xml-only bean isn't getting added to the merged set of beans.

      This is easy to fix; I've got a fix and a test. But before committing it I wanted to double check there's no problem with doing this in the EJB21 case -- the fix doesn't discriminate based on whether its EJB3 or EJB21.