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    Memory Leak while load testing

    Ji-Woong Choi Newbie


      I am facing with JBoss messaging problem while I conduct stress test at the customer site.

      There are 3 instances and the architecture is below:
      <Manufacturing Euip> ----> JBoss Messaging 1.4.0 SP3 <-----> <Biz Appliation>

      JBoss Messaging doesn't have any application.

      I have used a message selector with Topic and configuration as follows:
      1. Manufacturing Equipment use a topic session pool
      - Session Connection Count : 60
      2. Manufacturing Equipment sends a message which includes UUID to request Topic.
      3. Biz Application(single thread for message ordering) have a listener for request topic and process the message when a message is arrived.
      4. Biz appliation create a subscriber including UUID and send it to reply topic.
      5. Manufacturing Equipment waits a reply message with message selector using above UUID.

      JBoss Messaging configuration is default and I made only request/reply topic for application.

      Test tool is Load runner 8.0 and concurrent sessions are 150. While the performance test, heap memory increase slowly.
      In the end there are no available connections and client can't make connection/communication.

      I don't know why too many of BasicMBeanRegistry in VM tree.


      Is there a big problem when I use a Message Selector?
      What is the check point in this case?