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        Yong Hao Gao Master

        Hi Pratim,

        jboss remoting has fixed some ServerThread issue in 2.2.3. Can you try it to see if the fix is good for you too?


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          Pratim Mukherjee Newbie

          Sure will try that in our development environment.

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            Pratim Mukherjee Newbie

            Finally I have been able to tune Jboss AS to work as per the expectation of our company.I have made few configuration changes and I think combination of those helped. Those are underlined below

            1>I have disabled XA recovery coniguration outlined in chapter 8 of JBoss messaging installation.

            2>Found this https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBAS-5801. We were getting some transaction exceptions after 2-3 weeks. So added this attribute <track-connection-by-tx/> to jms-ds.xml

            3> As Howard suggested we updated to newer version of Jboss remoting which had completely eliminated the issue of messages getting stuck in queues.

            4>Removed jmx-console war from deployment which I think was the main reason behind slow jboss shutdown.

            5>We had earlier removed 'FILE' logger from jboss log4j configuration knowing that logging does have performance impact. Now we have removed all jboss specific log items and allowed only application logs.

            Hope this is going to be helpful for all developers working with Jboss messaging.

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