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      • 15. Re: Unable to consume more than 777,000 messages


        "adridi" wrote:

        I saw that Andy closed your Jira saying that fix was done.
        I have the same problem like you - Is it working for you with trunk build?

        Thought Andy will comment what he fixed but didnt see any explanation.
        At my company we're thinking to use the JBoss core API instead of JMS - I see benefit on that but not sure how it will evolve in the future.


        Hi Abdel, I didn't get a chance to test the trunk. However, when I removed acknowledging for each message from my client (as Andy suggested), I was able to consume all messages.


        • 16. Re: Unable to consume more than 777,000 messages

          Thanks to Jeff and Tim.
          This bug is fixed - I tried it today with a trunk build and it was working fine.
          Any one who encountered this bug, make sure to follow the bellow instructions:

          ------> Jeff said:
          Remove global paging.
          I tried your example with the following modification in jbm-configuration.xml:
          * removed
          * added to the <address-settings>
          <address-setting match="#">
          With this change, TestAck example can produce/consumer 5 million messages without any problem.


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